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Red-breasted sapsuckers chisels wounds into various tree species and return to eat the sap. I focused a camera and microphone on the sapwells, hit the record buttons, and walked away. This video is a compilation of the feeding frenzy captured by the camera's unblinking eye.

Filmed with a motion-activated camera focused on a rub tree in Southeast, Alaska. Includes four of the six brown bears that used the tree in a single week in June. The camera survived being chewed on.

Wilson snipe exploding from underfoot is a common, heart-stopping occurrence near my Gustavus home. The remote camera offers a rare, intimate peak into the snipe's world. Notice how this one turns her eggs after returning to the nest. The dominant call in the background is the birds mate. It's amazing how well the feathers mimic dead grass stems.

Last summer I noticed a junco with bits of grass in its beak repeatedly hop into the base of a fern off the corner of the house. I crawled around, found the nest and set up my camera. I was able to remotely turn the camera on from the kitchen whenever I saw the busy parents approaching the nest. The "secret" camera provided an intimate peek into the lives of my tiny neighbors. 

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